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Modern Community Foundation (MCF) is a CSI division of Modern Centric Holdings, a level-1 B-BBEE contributor. The “Modern Community” is a brand wishing to impact and change peoples’ lives towards sustainable self-reliance. Influencing people not to lose hope but to building modern communities and claim their place and space in all spheres of life through information, empowerment, skills development, and providing necessary resources.

Modern Community Foundation (MCF) is a newly established Non-Profit organisation based in Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa. Our focus is to mobilise communities towards sustainable and responsible development. At MCF we believe in transformation of all marginalized groups and create a lasting impact with each project we are part of. As MCF we celebrate the rich diversity of our country and praise many individuals and organisations who constantly remain committed to breaking of the cycle of marginalisation and poverty in South Africa.
The MCF story starts out of a personal tragedy, where our founder was involved in a near death accident that left him hospitalised for 6 months in a coma and then he suffered with mobility and speech impairment for another year. When he went back to work, it was clear just how ill prepared his company was in terms of reasonably accommodating/ working with a Persons with dis-Ability.


Revel Harris

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Revel Harris

Meet The Team


Dylan Mgobhozi

Program Officer

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Marisse Edwards

Program Officer

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Zama Gumede

Project Officer

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Lorraine Mgulwa

Project Co-Ordinator

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In June 2020, my passion for community service and hospitality prompted me to start and lead Modern Community Foundation, the CSI division of Modern Centric Holdings. Together with the Foundation’s Chairman, Mr. Zakhele Mgobhozi, also the Managing Director for Modern Centric Holdings, we started Modern Community Foundation to empower and uplift impoverished communities.

Through my travels, I realized that despite South Africa’s booming tourism and economic growth, deep down, South Africa was still a country rebuilding itself from years of oppression and apartheid. My aviation career drove me to ask how a growing country like South Africa can use transformative ideas to alleviate poverty in local communities and lead them towards elf reliance?

As COVID-19 put the whole world on lockdown and ending most careers. I found myself at home and was faced with all the social ills in my hometown, Eersterust, where there was an ever-growing rate of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the scarcity of basic human needs like food. 

Since the foundation came to light, I have been able to empower and uplift those with uncommon lived experiences revealing their true tale – unvarnished and real. Showing all the joys, the pressures, the stressors, and the sheer responsibility society has put them on. Our community includes the LGBTQIA+ individuals, vulnerable women & children, persons with dis-Abilities and the youth all striving towards self-sustainability and self reliance cutting the unemployment rate and alleviating of poverty one Community at a time.

Modern Community Foundation relies a lot on the time and expertise given by volunteers from across South Africa to do the work we do. 

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